Documentary Reviews \ The Unbeatable BL

I'd say this doc was very poorly put together myself, its costs £15 and you're treated to a mere 50 mins of old news accompanied by a load of not very rare pics. The menu screen is very nice looking, shame it was 90% clips from Fist of Fury, it ends up looking like a FOF DVD. The Musics awful (Understatement), its this really annoying classical music, I mean I hate classical music anyway but this is just sheer garbage.

Anyway you boot up the doc which is the main feature, nothing new to find out at all, no new pics and it also refers to Bob Baker as Bob Wall on at least THREE occasions, Bruce's birthname should be Lee Jun Fan not whatever it said, can't remember, Lee Kune something, 30% of the widescreen footage shows the black bar on top but no bottom one, so you get like a double border on top, I find that for a £15 DVD to get widescreen borders looking like that is absolutely awful, :(

The Extras on the DVD are the real main features, although the Screentest footage was the low quality one, not the high quality one seen on other docs, the Gallery is full of NON rare pics, for the price you'd expect some George Tan style pics. The only thing I liked was the trailers which were cool, They're the US ones and I'd not seem them before, they're real nice, also a James Coburn interview is included which was cool too.

My overall opinion is, its a poor doc thats badly put together, it could've been soooooo much better, better pics, music and widescreen borders for starters.

The most ironic thing about it is that at the end they list all the wrong facts in the doc, if they knew the facts were wrong then why the hell didn't they correct them.

Legend is the best doc in my book, now thats what I call nicely done.

What you should get these days for £15 is...

* Gallery full of George Tan style pics

* 90 min doc full of cool stuff, which is few clips from the GOD dailies, loads of trailers, loads of clips from TV spots, Marlowe, Here comes the brides, Ironside etc

* 5 Interviews minimum

These are just a few of the things it should have.

Rating out of 5: