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The Questions

1. What did Lee Hoi Cheun take to sweeten his singing voice?

2. Where was Bruce's VERY 1st house situated?

3. What is Bruce's adopted sister called?

4. What is his unofficially adopted Brother/cousin called?

5. What breed of dog did Bruce VERY 1st own?

6. What was its name?

7. Who was Bruce's 1st childhood friend?

8. What was his real name?

9. What is Bruce's other sister called?

10. What name did his sister give him that stuck with him for the rest of his life?

11. What other name was he known by?

12. What did his sister do to him that gave him a phobia?

13. What was Bruce called in "My Son Ah Cheun"?

14. Which teacher at La Salle found a good side to Bruce?

15. Which school did Bruce attend after being expelled from La Salle?

16. What was Bruce's childhood gang called?

17. How many gang members were there?

18. What is Yip Man's son called?

19. What is the Cantonese spelling for Kung Fu?

20. Who was the "Founder" of Kung Fu?

21. What does the word "Shaolin" mean?

22. How many different moves are possible on the wooden man?

23. Who introduced Bruce to Yip Man?

24. Who was Bruce's 1st Cha Cha partner?

25. Who was Bruce's VERY 1st serious girlfriend?

26. Years later, this girl became a famous film star in the East, who was she known as then?

27. Who was Bruce's other childhood friend, who also trained with Yip Man in 1953?

28. Which two weapons did Bruce carry for protection in Street Fights?

29. Who did Bruce defeat at the 1958 Boxing Championship?

30. After leaving Ruby Chow's, what High School did Bruce VERY 1st attend?

31. Who was Bruce's 1st girlfriend in the U.S?

32. Who was Bruce's English professor?

33. What is Taki Kimura's real name?

34. Which art was Ed Parker originally skilled in?

35. Who did Bruce fight for control over who should teach Kung Fu?

36. Whereabouts is Danny Inosanto's academy situated?

37. At what street was Bruce's school situated at in LA?

38. What year was this school opened?

39. How did Bruce ensure privacy within this school?

40. Who was the schools VERY 1st student?

41. Who introduced Karate to America?

42. Who opened the VERY 1st Karate school in America?

43. What year was this?

44. Bruce had a mock gravestone in his school, what was the inscription?

45. He also had a plaque on his desk, what was the inscription on that?

46. What was the working title for the series "Kung Fu"?

47. Who did Bruce Play in Marlowe?

48. When was Marlowe filmed?

49. Whereabouts in Bel Air was Bruce's bungalow situated?

50. How much did this place cost him?

51. In Longstreet, who plays the character Mike Longstreet?

52. What part does Bruce play?

53. In the Big Boss, why does Bruce wear the plaster on his right finger?

54. How many Bruce Lee films does James Tien appear in?

55. Who was the original director for the Big Boss?

56. Who was the official fight coordinator for the Big Boss?

57. How much money were the hookers paid?

58. Who was Raymond Chow's partner?

59. How many Hong Kong dollars did the Big Boss make?

60. Whereabouts was the apartment that Golden Harvest provided for Bruce as he prepared to make his 2nd film?

61. What was the original title for Fist of Fury?

62. What is the translator called in Fist of Fury?

63. What does Bruce eat in the woods in Fist of Fury?

64. What 3 disguises does Bruce use in Fist of Fury?

65. How many Hong Kong dollars did Fist of Fury make?

66. What was the name of the film to be made after Fist of Fury, but before the Way of the Dragon?

67. On the soundtrack of the Way of the Dragon, what instrument did Bruce play?

68. In the Way of the Dragon, who plays Jimmy?

69. Which member of Bruce's family played one of the waiters?

70. How many Bruce Lee films does Nora Miao star in?

71. Whereabouts in Kowloon Tong did Bruce Lee live?

72. How many rooms did this house have?

73. After the Way of the Dragon, what did the press vote him for?

74. What is Kareem Abdul Jabbar's real name?

75. In Game of Death, what is the Bruce vs Kareem scene called?

76. What is Bruce vs Inosanto scene called?

77. What is the name of the green cane that Bruce uses on Inosanto?

78. What skill does Chi Hon Tsoi use in Game of Death?

79. What is Bolo Yeung's real Name?

80. List FIVE martial artists that Bruce had planned to approach for roles in Game of Death?

81. Who plays Bruce's 2 friends that we've seen so far in footage from Game of Death?

82. What were the 2 working titles for Enter the Dragon?

83. What was the budget allowed for Enter the Dragon?

84. Who was originally casted to play Mr Williams?

85. Who Wrote Enter the dragon?

86. What name did the stuntmen give to Bruce?

87. Who was the main cameraman for Enter the Dragon?

88. Can you name any more cameramen?

89. Who was Clouse's assistant director?

90. Who was the film editor for Enter the Dragon?

91. What happened to the Big Boss and Fist of Fury, when sent to the U.S?

92. Before he died, what illness did Bruce develop?

93. List TEN Bruce Lee imitators?

94. When Bruce collapsed on May 10th, what physician examined him?

95. Who was the Neurosurgeon and also who was the anaesthesiologist?

96. Which hospital was he then taken to where there beds available?

97. In LA, which doctor gave Bruce a complete physical examination including exhaustive brain tests?

98. Which two drugs was prescribed for him?

99. What is inscribed on the book at Bruce's Grave?

100. Which is the biggest Bruce Lee Site?

Hope that wasn't too hard, some questions were quite tough I admit, but you'll have learned quite a bit from them, check your answers below!!!

The Answers

1. Opium

2. 218 Nathan Road, Kowloon

3. Phoebe

4. Wu Ngan

5. Alsatian

6. Bobby

7. Unicorn Chan (WOTD Jimmy)

8. Siu Kee Lung

9. Agnes

10. Little Dragon

11. Mo Si Tung (Never Sits Still)

12. She got tired of Bruce's pranks and held his head underwater, Bruce never again entered a swimming pool.

13. Lee Siu Lung (Lee Little Dragon, the name by which he became known by in Asia

14. Brother Henry Pang

15. St Francis Xavier College

16. The Tigers of Junction Street

17. Eight

18. Yip Chun

19. Gung Fu

20. The Indian Monk, Bodhidharma

21. Young Tree

22. 108

23. William Cheung

24. Pearl Cho

25. Amy Chan

26. Pak Yan

27. Hawkins Cheung, the nephew of William Cheung

28. A concealed blade or a steel chain, although he didn't use these often

29. Gary Elms, (3 Year Winner '55-'57)

30. Edison Technical high School

31. Amy Sambo

32. Margaret Walters

33. Takauki Kimura

34. Kempo Karate

35. Wong Jak Man

36. Marina Del Rey, California

37. 628 College Street, Chinatown, LA

38. February 1967

39. He painted over the windows with red enamel paint

40. Dan Lee, 1967

41. Former World War II Servicemen

42. Robert Trias

43. 1946, a decade later, Karate was popularised by Ed Parker, the man who organized the Long Beach Tournament where Bruce was "Discovered"

44. "In memory of the once fluid man, crammed and distorted by the classical mess"

45. "Show me a classical Karateist and I'll show you a dead man"

46. The Warrior

47. Winslow Wong, a heavy for a protection racket

48. 1969

49. 2551 Roscomare Road

50. Nearly $50,000

51. James Franciscus

52. An antique dealer, who teaches Longstreet JKD

53. A few days before filming Bruce had broken a glass in his hand, resulting in a gash that required ten stitches to close

54. Three, The Big Boss, Fist of Fury and The "REAL" Game of Death

55. Wu Chai Wsaing

56. Han Ying Chieh (The guy who played the Big Boss), Bruce beat this guy off camera to prove he was the better fighter

57. The usually got a dollar a trick, but were paid $10 just to keep out of the way, one day's work, where they didn't get Screwed!!!

58. Leonard Ho

59. Over $HK 3,000,000

60. 2 Man Wan Road in the Waterloo Hill area of Kowloon

61. The School for Chivalry

62. Mi Wu

63. A roasted cat

64. A newspaper guy, a rickshaw driver and a telephone repairman

65. Over $HK 4,000,000

66. Yellow Faced Tiger, Bruce refused as there no script

67. Percussion

68. Unicorn Chan, the kid Bruce hits with a sweeping Brush in one of his childhood films, Unicorn played a shoeshine boy

69. Bruce's adopted brother/cousin Wu Ngan

70. Three, The Big Boss, Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon

71. 41 Cumberland Road

72. Eleven

73. Worst dressed actor of the year, due to Bruce's silk suits

74. "Big Lew" Alcindor

75. "The Temple of the Unknown"

76. "The Temple of the Tiger"

77. A Chinese bako, a whiplike bamboo

78. The Korean art of Hapkido, Chi was a seventh degree black belt

79. Yeung Sze, he obviously liked the name Bolo after Enter the Dragon, so he changed it with Yeung at the end

80. Angela Mao, Yeung Sze, Wong In Sik, James Tien, Jhoon Rhee, Hung Kam Po, Chuck Norris, Bob Wall and Taki Kimura

81. James Tien and Chieh Yuan

82. Blood and Steel, Han's Island

83. $500,000

84. Rockne Tarkington

85. Michael Allin

86. Bruce Three Legs or Three Kicks Bruce, because he could deliver three consecutive kicks very rapidly

87. Henry Wong

88. Charles Lowe, Gil Hubs

89. Chaplin Chang

90. Kurt Harsher

91. They were muddled in transit, The Big Boss was to be retitled "The Chinese Connection" and Fist of Fury was to be renamed "Fists of Fury". Also the films were placed in the wrong cans in transit. So in the U.S The Big Boss is called Fists of Fury and Fist of Fury is called the Chinese Connection rather than their intentional titles

92. Amnesia

93. Bruce Le, several Bruce Li's, Bruce Rhe, Myron Bruce Lee, Tarzen Li, Tarzen Lee, Kowloon Li, Hong Kong Lee, Rocky Lee, Jet Lee, Bronson Lee, Dragon Lee, Conan Lee, Clint Lee, Gypsy Lee, Billy Chang, Alex Kwon, Jason Scott Lee and Jackie Chan (His 1st Eight films, starting with The New Fist of Fury)

94. Dr Charles "Don" Langford

95. Dr Peter Wu and Dr Cecilia Wong

96. St Teresa's

97. A team led by Dr David Reisbord

98. Manatol and Dilantin

99. The left page has a Yin/Yang JKD symbol, the right page reads, "Your Inspiration continues to guide us to our Personal Liberation"