Documentary Reviews \ The Path Of The Dragon

This is basically part two of Intercepting Fist, the box covers are more or less the same, although instead of Walt Missingham, this documentary is narrated by Shannon Lee. The opening scene is impressive, showing monks and China, followed by Bruce in a short Fist of Fury clip. He just walks slowly and opens the doors and looks slowly around, then we hear Shannon talking and she says "The legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, a man who walked The Path of the Dragon", with the title words on screen. Simple but very effective, then it shows fast clips of other martial art fights, like Jackie Chan vs Benny Urquidez (Wheels on meals) and a clip featuring Sammo Hung vs Richard Norton.

It's the same guys that had their say in Intercepting Fist, but obviously saying different things this time. Walt Missingham is shown learning at the Shaolin Temple, he also busts the bottom of a milk bottle out by hitting it on top.

A cool bit is where Inosanto is talking about when he and Bruce witnessed a guy holding a spear up to his throat and leaning on it. Inosanto said "Isn't that fantastic", Bruce replied "What's he trying to prove, is he trying to say that if I hold a spear up to my throat it won't go through?". In the end Bruce got annoyed and shouted out, "Let me handle that spear, I'll make it go through!".

A good documentary, that is just like a sequel to Intercepting Fist. I reckon the two should have been put together to make one 90 minute documentary, rather than two 45 minute ones. Still a good collection of info here.

Rating out of 5: