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The same kind of style is used here, that was used in Intercepting Fist and Path of the Dragon, people talking! However, this is much more intense than the other two. It has interviews with Bruce's closest friends like Taki Kimura, Richard Bustillo, Herb Jackson, Ted Wong and quite a few others including Bolo Yeung, Henry Wong and Jackie Chan (Who is still not 100% convinced that Bruce is gone).

Taki shows the place where Bruce 1st opened up his school in Seattle, the best bit is probably where Richard Bustillo is showing all the training equipment used by Bruce, the same equipment built by welder Herb Jackson. Bustillo also demonstrates the one inch punch, he has this pole device that snaps out, It's quite impressive. The amount of people that have their say is quite large. It's a huge collection of Quotes, like the "Bruce's Feats" page on this website, and at the cheap price of just £6, It's fantastic!!!

Rating out of 5: