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This is a tribute to Bruce Lee featuring Bruce Li. I'm not too keen on Bruce Lee imitators, but this guy does do Bruce some justice, unlike a certain Jason Scott Lee (Dragon), Where that guy disappeared to is a mystery, but hopefully he realised the shame and disgrace he Brought to Bruce through that awful film, how he had the nerve to sit in that wheelchair I'll never know, knowing full well that what he was acting out was all made up.

The opening titles just focus on Bruce's gravestone, but it was taken many years ago when the better picture was on his grave without the glasses. But this documentary is better as it relies on facts and not bullshit! Bruce Li shows a lot of the challengers that Bruce faced. He looks the part wearing the black Way of the Dragon costume as well, although his physique leaves much to be desired. The characters are great look-alikes to their counterparts.

Linda Lee, Raymond Chow and Betty Ting Pei all look very convincing. The best look-alike has to be the foreman from The Big Boss. There's also a bit where Bruce Li puts electricity pads on his wrists and is resisting the electric shocks, to help him tense his muscles to the maximum. He also uses another machine to practise finger jabs and punches, when he hits the pads, green lights appear. From what I've heard, these machines actually do exist and were 1st used by the NFL team UCLA, Bruce Lee bought one himself and used it.

At the end, it shows Bruce Li showing the different ways that Bruce could have died. It shows the official Cerebral Adema, Bruce getting murdered by armed assailants and also Bruce going off to live as a recluse.

It's a good tribute, much better than Dragon!

Rating out of 5: