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In 1967 Bruce was in one of his earliest performances for an American Audience. The show was a typical American detective series set in San Francisco called Ironside, This particular episode was "Tagged for Murder."

Lee Played Leon Soo, a son of a deceased Soldier and Instructor of Karate in an Aikido to Judo Martial Arts school. Apart from the female student who looks lost while on the sparring, it’s not a bad little sequence.

Bruce’s Performance

If you look closely in the background you can see some early Bruce Lee philosophy, one plaque inscribed with "To be powerless is to be week" another with "To be strong is to be a bully."

Although there is no JKD Philosophy like Longstreet and the performance is short, 2 minutes 50 seconds to be exact! Lee had time to show off his style against two students. Performing his trademark sidekick that he uses to intercept Bob Wall with in WTD and an escape from an attempted throw using a backflip.

Lee then goes on to be interviewed by Ironside's female assistant about items left to him by his deceased father before the scene finally ends.

In this short sequence Lee was subtlely influencing viewers by showing brute strength doesn’t mean victory over superior technique.


The easiest way to gain possession or the Ironside episode is to buy the DVD "Watching the Detectives" which most places sell DVD - DVD Features

3 Episodes of different detective series, (Ironside, Kojak and Columbo) they all include special guests. Front Menu was Boring with still picture and no sound

No clips between Selections.

Some text on each Programme, nothing Special.

The so-called gallery is 8 pictures next to 8 pages of text.


Considering the footage Of Ironside is older then the Big Boss it’s in great condition. And though you only see a glimpse of Lee, you get to see the difference in his technique between filming The Green Hornet and Longstreet.

Rating out of 5: