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This is absolutely fantastic, it's footage of Bruce in an interview just after making The Big Boss. The Interviewer Pierre Berton had realised the new phenomenon happening in the East and immediately flew to Hong Kong to interview the newest star in the business, Bruce Lee.

Bruce talks about his fighting methods, challengers, expressing yourself and his plans to show the U.S the true Chinese culture. It is currently available as par of a collectable edition of Enter the Dragon. You really do have to see this, it's beyond cool! I've had it about 2 months and have watched it no less than 30 times.

Although it doesn't show the entire interview, (It doesn't show Pierre Berton speaking, which he DID in the actual interview and Bruce says a lot more than what is shown), It does give you a great feel of what Bruce was like in real life. It lasts about ten minutes in total.

The bit at the end is the best tribute that I've ever seen. It's a 2 minute collection of pics and footage exclusive to this video. Starting off with Bruce playing with baby Brandon, LOADS of "off camera" pics, finally concluding with the book inscription on Bruce's gravestone. Along with some VERY fitting music.

Short but very, very sweet!!!

Rating out of 5: