Interactive \ Hard Quiz

The Questions

1. When Was Bruce Lee Born?

2. What was Bruce Lee's real name?

3. What does this name mean?

4. What was his Father's name?

5. What was his Mother's name?

6. What city was Bruce Lee born in?

7. What was the name of the Hospital?

8. Who gave him the name Bruce?

9. What was Bruce's VERY 1st Hong Kong movie?

10. What was the LAST film he made before leaving for the U.S?

11. Who was Bruce's 1st teacher?

12. What was the teacher's style?

13. Why did Bruce take up martial arts?

14. How old was he when this happened?

15. What was Bruce's primary school called?

16. Apart from Kung Fu, what else was Bruce good at?

17. What award did he win with this skill?

18. What are Bruce's 2 brothers called?

19. What was the eldest brother good at?

20. Why was Bruce sent to the U.S?

21. How much money did his father give him?

22. How did he make more money on his way to the U.S?

23. Where did Bruce 1st work?

24. Whereabouts was Bruce living at the time?

25. Who owned this place?

26. Who was Bruce's Japanese friend?

27. What was Bruce's trick for showing off his speed? 28. Who was the woman Bruce met at one of his training sessions, who later became his wife?

29. Where did they have their 1st date?

30. What were Bruce's 2 children called?

31. What was the 1st school called that Bruce opened?

32. What was the 2nd school called?

33. Whereabouts was these schools situated?

34. What did Bruce study at the university?

35. Who taught Bruce how to use the nunchakus?

36. Which famous actor did Bruce often train with on a Spanish style patio?

37. Who was Bruce's tallest student?

38. What was the name of the new style of martial arts called that Bruce had invented?

39. What does this name mean?

40. What was the name of Bruce's 1st book?

41. What was the name of the book containing the new style?

42. At what event was Bruce's skill really recognized?

43. What kind of press-ups did he perform at this event?

44. Also at the event, what new move had he invented for which he is now famous?

45. What T.V series did this event lead to?

46. What character did Bruce play?

47. How long did the series last?

48. Who played Bruce's co-star?

49. What was the name of the series, in which Bruce demonstrated his new style?

50. How long did the series last?

51. In what film did Bruce play a martial arts instructor?

52. What year had Bruce returned to Hong Kong for a brief visit?

53. Who did Bruce meet on a T.V show in Hong Kong?

54. What feat did Bruce do on the show that impressed this person?

55. Whereabouts in Thailand was The Big Boss filmed?

56. Whereabouts was Fist of Fury filmed?

57. Whereabouts was The Way of the Dragon filmed?

58. Whereabouts was Enter the Dragon filmed?

59. What is The Big Boss also known as?

60. What is Fist of Fury also known as?

61. What is The Way of the Dragon also known as?

62. Who did Bruce fight on the set of The Big Boss?

63. Who did Bruce fight on the set of Enter the Dragon?

64. What happened between Bruce and the challenger on the set of Enter the Dragon?

65. Who directed The Big Boss and Fist of Fury?

66. What part did the director play in Fist of Fury?

67. Who directed The Way of the Dragon?

68. Who directed Enter the Dragon?

69. What was the name of the project to be made by Bruce, Stirling Silliphant and James Coburn?

70. Whereabouts did they go location hunting for this project?

71. While location hunting, what did Bruce see that gave him an inspiration for the REAL game? Of Death?

72. What was name of the Russian fighter in Fist of Fury?

73. What was his real name?

74. What relation was this guy to Bruce?

75. What colour was Bruce's now infamous costume in the REAL Game of Death?

76. In the REAL Game of Death, what does Bruce do to Inosanto with the green cane?

77. How does he kill Inosanto?

78. Who played the chubby fighter at the start of Enter the Dragon?

79. Who played Mr Han in Enter the Dragon?

80. Apart from Game of Death, what other film had Bruce planned, he had no footage, only photo's?

81. What happened to Bruce on May 10th 1973?

82. What was his excuse, when he was found?

83. Which actress had been asked to star in the REAL Game of Death?

84. Which actor would also star?

85. Who had Bruce planned to meet on July 27th 1973?

86. Whereabouts did he stop off on his way there?

87. What was given to Bruce at this place?

88. How did this affect him?

89. What was the final autopsy report?

90. How many visitors attended the funeral in Hong Kong?

91. What did Linda say to the Hong Kong people at the airport before returning to the U.S?

92. What happened to the coffin en route to the U.S?

93. Who were Bruce's pallbearers in the U.S?

94. What date was he finally buried?

95. Whereabouts was he buried?

96. What colour is his grave?

97. What was written on the infamous banner at the Hong Kong funeral?

98. Who completed Bruce's book?

99. Who opened up a new school to carry on Bruce Lee's teachings?

100. What was this school called?

The Answers

1. 27th November 1940

2. Lee Jun Fan

3. To Return Again

4. Lee Hoi Cheun

5. Grace Cheun

6. San Francisco

7. Jackson Street Hospital

8. The doctor who attended delivery

9. My Son Ah Cheun

10. Thunderstorm

11. Sifu Yip Man

12. Wing Chun

13. He got beaten up in a street fight

14. Fourteen

15. La Salle

16. Cha Cha Dancing

17. The 1958 Hong Kong Cha Cha Championship

18. Peter and Robert

19. He was a fencing Champion

20. For gang fighting, the police was threatening to arrest him

21. $100, by giving Cha Cha lessons on the boat to the 1st class passengers he gained more cash.

23. At a Restaurant

24. In the Restaurant Attic

25. Ruby Chow

26. Taki Kimura

27. Giving people a coin to hold and taking it before they could close their hands, he also took it and swapped it for a different coin.

28. Linda Emery

29. At the Space Needle

30. Brandon and Shannon

31. Bruce Lee's Chinese Gung Fu

32. Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute

33. Seattle and Chinatown LA

34. Chinese Philosophy

35. Danny Inosanto

36. James Coburn

37. Karreem Abdul Jabbar 7`2

38. Jeet Kune Do

39. The Way of the Intercepting Fist

40. Bruce Lee's Tao of Chinese Gung Fu

41. The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

42. A demonstration at Long Beach in 1963

43. 2 finger press-ups on one hand

44. The One-Inch Punch

45. The Green Hornet

46. Kato

47. 30 half an hour episodes

48. Van Williams

49. Longstreet

50. 12 Episodes

51. A man called Ironside

52. 1968

53. Raymond Chow

54. Bruce broke 4 out of 5 one-inch thick boards, and then broke a one-inch thick dangling piece before knocking out a huge Japanese guy.

55. Pak Chong Village, Thailand

56. Shanghai

57. Rome

58. Tai Tan Bay, Hong Kong

59. Fists of Fury

60. The Chinese Connection

61. Return of the Dragon

62. The Fight Co-ordinator

63. One of the Extras

64. They threw one shot each, Bruce deflected it with his shoulder then kicked the guy in the face. It was so fast the guy didn't even notice it, when he opened his mouth to laugh at Bruce, loads of blood and teeth came out. That was end of the challenges!!!

65. Lo Wei

66. The Inspector

67. Bruce Lee

68. Bob Clouse, with Bruce doing the fight scenes

69. Silent Flute

70. India and Nepal

71. In Nepal, Bruce saw a giant tower called a Pagoda

72. Petrov

73. Bob Baker

74. One of his best students

75. Yellow with a black stripe down the side

76. Inosanto bangs two red sticks together to play a tune, Bruce then taps the cane on the floor to do a tune, he then smiles and slashes Inosanto's forehead open with the cane

77. He breaks his neck with the Nunchakus

78. Sammo Hong

79. Shih Kien

80. It had no title, but it was going to feature loads of weapons, you can see 4 of these characters including a blind swordsman on the documentary, "The Legend"

81. He passed out in the toilets

82. That he had dropped his glasses

83. Betty Ting Pei

84. George Lazenby

85. Raymond Chow, George Lazenby and Betty Ting Pei

86. Betty Ting Pei's House

87. An Equagesic, a painkiller that she regularly used herself

88. Bruce had developed a brain swelling, the Equagesic trigged a brain aneurysm which was a called a Cerebral Adema

89. Death by misadventure

90. 27,000+

91. She told them to drop the rumours and that she blamed nobody for Bruce's death

92. It was badly damaged

93. Robert Lee, Raymond Chow, Steve McQueen and James Coburn

94. 30th July 1973

95. The Lake View cemetery, Seattle

96. Red

97. A star sinks in a sea of Art

98. Linda and Danny Inosanto

99. Richard Bustillo

100. The Kali Academy