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Game of Death II is a very bizzare film that was born because the Japanese movie-going public demanded more Bruce Lee after Robert Clouse's 'original' had put a lot of bums on seats in 1978. Apparently three years in the making director Ng See Yuen(Bruce Lee the Man & Myth, Drunken Master, Snake in the Eagles Shadow etc.) struggled to put together a coherent film that did have unseen footage of Bruce Lee (from Enter the Dragon outtakes) and some great martial arts action but totally lacking in any kind of plot. Basically it revolves around the 'Bruce Lee' character Billy Lo (in the english language version) played by Kim Tai Chung-and occasionally by Bruce investigating the suspicious death of his friend and fellow martial artist Chin Ku (the legendary Hwang Jang Lee).

When Billy is killed for poking his nose in, his brother-Bobby (Kim again) takes up the case and has many adventures involving Lions (real), Lions (fake), a crazy raw meat eating Kung fu master (Roy Horan), a blonde bit of crumpet and a huge all out fight - fest in an underground drug-plant(sound familiar?) before taking on the villain(I won't spoil it for you...), and, er that's it! This shouldn't really be included in the Bruce Lee canon but beacause he does appear (for about 7 mins) it always pops up on his cv.

There are some plus points, the scenery and locations in Japan and Korea are both intresting and the aforementioned fight choreography is of a high standard (a mix of 'Bruce'-type action and hyped up HK style mayhem) but the story just isn't there, more of a series of set pieces with the inclusion of childhood footage from Bruce's early films to pad things out (International version only). Definately for the completist or lovers of good fight action in bad movies.

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Once gain HKL pulls out all the stops to deliver a cracking package.

A superb anamorphic widescreen print.

Nice Animated Menu's

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