Facts \ Cause Of Death

Bruce died from multi-factoral causes. His doctors knew what almost killed him on May 10th, 1973. He even presented it to Dr. Langford, the next day, when Langford came in and interrogated him at the hospital, after saving his life. He wanted to know if Bruce was taking any drugs. There was no other explanation. He pulled out Nepal hashish and Langford told if he started taking this again, it would kill him. He rejected Langford's medical advice and flew to UCLA and was clean. They found nothing wrong with him, because there were no drugs in his system. This gave him a false sense of security and a few weeks before he died, he was ingesting it again. This type of hashish he got from Katmandu, Nepal. It's one of the most near-lethal strains of *unrefined* hashish and is much more rarer than the refined types manufactured in the Middle East.

It's been documented to kill it's users the exact same way it killed Bruce on July 20th, 1973. It's neurological side effects are nightmarish, and contains over 4,000 chemical compounds, any one of which, his central nervous system could build up a sensitivity to, and so highly toxic, cerebral edema, kidney/ adrenal failure, vomiting, convulsions, cardiac arrest/coma and death is the result. On May 10th, 1973 he ate some in the bathroom and then collasped on the floor at Golden Harvest Studio, regained consciousness and then collasped again, and went into convulsions and seizues and was throwing up, then went comatose. Dr. Langford was very concerned about Bruce having no body fat left, as this will only worsen side effects of drugs in his system. There is no fat to help absorb it, and he also had his sweat glands removed later in 1972. Removal will also cause brain edema, because the saline that carries toxins, builds up in the body and bloodstream. The fluid buildup is pumped from the heart into the brain, resulting in cerebral edema and kidney failure, convulsions and, coma and death. When Bruce left the hospital on May 10th, Dr. Langford was sure he would be back.

He was one of the top two doctors in the Orient and is still alive today. He was right; 10 weeks later, he died. No one killed Bruce--he killed himself with drugs. The doctors were surprised he lasted til July 20th. There were no marks on his body, just heavy swelling from the edema and some bruises on his left temple, running up the brow ridge. While in Betty's bedroom on July 20th, the seizures from the reaction jerked him off her bed, and the left side of his head was hit. They are too small to be the result of a blow with a weapon. Bruising is common with violent body seizures. The inquest was sham. Two UK doctors flew in to overturn Bruce's doctor's cause of death, and blamed it on a pain pill ( he had been taking for years ). It was also for insurance reasons and payouts, since Bruce stated in his will, he didn't use illegal drugs and if he did--he would be subject to payouts to certain parties. The government in Hong Kong was behind this. They didn't want a hashish epidemic on their hands, with all the young kids who worshipped Lee and wanted to be just like him. The night of July 20th, he ingested the hashish in Betty's apartment, than complained of a mind-numbing and constricting headache ( this is a side-effect ), and she gave him the pain pill, Equagesic, to counter the headache. Betty is supposedly writing a book, telling everything, right now.

Bruce's weight in 1972 was 146, as he stated in a phone-taped interview with Alex Ben Block, who called him while he was making Way in summer 1972. He looks about the same weight in the filmed footage GOD some 3 months later in Sep-Oct the same year. Healthy weight. When he arrived in HK in 1970, he was 155, and weight traing trimmed him down. In 1973, while making ETD, he was about 135 pounds and underweight. By May, he was down to 126, some 20 pounds. I've seen a few photos of Bruce shortly before his death and he looks frail and sickly. The robustness from his face is gone. Dr. Langford said he looked obscene, with only 1% of body fat on him. It's easy to tell Bruce in his last few months--June and July. He's so thin and has a new and fuller hairstyle he never wore while in HK. There's a B&W group photo on a gallery on a website, with Bruce, Betty and co-stars and his appearance is identical to the July 10th TV appearance he made in 1973. Timeframe is approximate.

The hashish he was taking was very bad for him, no doubt. Why would Dr. Langford tell him NOT to take anymore if it was GOOD for him. That is what was in his bloodstream on May 10th. Lee was no expert on drugs and formerally was anti-drug. He had costisone injections for the back injury he sustained in 1969 up until he died. This mixes in more drugs in his body and with literally no body fat left, sweat glands removed, making a hypersensitive reaction and death even more positive. Tom Bleeker's book has drawn heavy fire and I don't think it's all in rational proportion,and yes, some things are true. I'm not scorning it, but I doubt if everything stated is altogether true. Sure, if he wants to theorize, that's fine, about Bruce's death being foul-play. It's common. The only people who would know more would be several of his co-workers and friends who were with him the last 12 months of his life. I hope Betty publishes her book. The murder scenario is too easy to fabricate, and there are no hard facts to back it up. People claim "I know who it was and what happend". They want to take the credit and 15 minutes of fame. If they wanted him killed, I mean really, arranging an accident is the best way on the street. The focus is exploring Bruce, his body chemisty, what he took, knowledge of drugs he took, his health in general, form his peak to his decline. He was a sensitive and high-strung guy and had to cope with fame. Taking drugs is common with this.

Ask me to prove it? The proof is there, and much more clearer than it was 31 years ago. The point is not fighting about it. Assemble everything you know and put it together and you're not going to draw a blank.