Game Of Death \ A Warriors Journey

Bruce Lee - A Warriors Journey is the long awaited documentary that will feature an entire 35 minutes of Game of Death footage as well as plenty of other features, it will be released on October 8th 2001.

Below is a list of what you can expect on the upcoming documentary.

Lots of Rare and Unseen footages such as the Longbeach footage but in perfect quality, also shown is some Rooftop footage.

Footage of Bruce presenting a trophy to Joe Lewis, in the background you can hear Bruce himself reading an article featured in Sports Weekly, the article was based on Bruce himself, Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris and Mike Stone.

Quite a few clips from Longstreet.

Lots of rare pics and stills.

Info on how the infamous log scene is still supposedly missing.

Descriptions of what kind of roles each character would have played.

The story of Game of Death, featuring several lookalikes walking to the Pagoda.

Info on the five floor guardians, Whang Ing Sik, Taki Kimura, Danny Inosanto, Chi Hon Tsoi and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Interview with Chi Hon Tsoi, (4th level Hapkido Guardian), who dubs his own dialogue in his fight scene.

Alternate takes from Game of Death, including out-takes and bloopers.

The footage now starts and it mentions how Inosanto drops his own sticks and then destroys Chieh Yuan in unarmed combat using a Kenpo technique called "The Dance of Death" (Pictured Above).

Then all 3 floors are shown in the most fullest version you'll ever see, lasting 35 minutes, all the speech is in there, lots of extra unseen bits such as a lengthy fight between James and Inosanto where James spins his stick around. One bit they couldn't find the missing dialogue so instead subtitled it "Missing Dialogue". John Little dubs Bruce's voices himself, with sound effects from Bruce's previous movies.

The Fight Running Times

Total length of video is 1 hour 39 min

47 minutes and 35 seconds into the video they start to talk about The Game of Death.

The actual movie starts 1 hour into the video.

Chieh vs Inosanto - 30 seconds

James vs Inosanto - 1 mins and 15 secs

Bruce vs Inosanto - 8 mins and 40 secs

Chieh vs Chi - 2 mins and 35 secs

Chieh and James vs Chi - 27 seconds

Bruce vs Chi - 7 mins and 40 secs

James then interrupts Bruce and Chi and Chi gets James again for about 12 seconds then James runs up the stairs.

James vs Jabbar - 3 mins and 20 secs

Bruce vs Jabbar - 9 mins and 20 secs

Total Game of Death footage lasts approx 34 - 35 mins, the full video lasts 1 hour 39 mins and 45 secs to be exact.

This documentary is awesome and you'll love the new footage.